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  • Facilitate population health management
  • Manage bundled-payment populations with value-based contracts
  • Improve patient care with actionable quality alerts
  • Manage readmissions, including an ability to benchmark against your peers
  • Prevent gaps in care by collaborating with other providers
  • Drive practitioner and system performance with meaningful and timely evaluation
  • Enhance staff and provider engagement
  • Consult with MorCare experts to redesign workflows and implement best practices

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is to collaborate with our healthcare partners to provide solutions that deliver actionable information to improve patient outcomes across the continuum.

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Care Management

The transformation to value-based care is well underway. Reimbursements are based on patient outcomes rather than volume. Providers must work together across the entire spectrum of care to eliminate spending on tests and services that don’t benefit patients and work to prevent costly readmissions for optimal population health management. The MorCare™ Care Management and case management software solutions support communication among hospital-based and post-acute care providers, automate care management processes and streamline workflows.

Quality Management

Rich, reliable clinical data and evidence-based practices are critical for population health management. Providers must work collaboratively to improve quality outcomes and patient safety across the continuum of care. The MorCare™ Quality Management software solution encourages teamwork and high-value care with sophisticated performance tracking and intelligence.

Risk Management

Increased expectations about patient safety and quality necessitate that health systems and hospitals identify, assess, monitor and minimize risk proactively. A comprehensive and effective risk management program minimizes situations that could result in injuries and liability, financial loss and regulatory noncompliance. The MorCare™ Risk Management software solution offers a robust collaborative tracking and reporting system for all incidents and claims as they occur.

Infection Prevention

Hospital-acquired infections are a significant clinical and safety issue. On any given day, about one in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health systems and hospitals must adopt strategies to remove or reduce risk factors and streamline information flow and reporting. The MorCare™ Infection Prevention software solution enables health systems and hospitals to monitor and improve infection control, identify risks, and establish policies that prevent the spread of infection.

Decision Support

Healthcare organizations need timely and accurate clinical, operational and financial data to make the right decisions across the continuum of care. The MorCare™ Decision Support software solution transforms data into actionable insights, highlighting trends and hot-button issues immediately.

A Proven Solution
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  • With the automated system, department managers receive incident notifications at the same time. With paper forms, we had notification delays. MorCare’s system records managers’ comments, and we can forward the events to others who need to know. For example, we can send events with resident involvement to the residency directors for teaching and education purposes.

    Karen Hoybrook
    Clinical Risk/Patient Safety Manager
    Hennepin County Medical Center
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • MorCare Quality Management has been a great tool for us. We used to get quarterly readmission reports, making it nearly impossible to be proactive. Now, a MorCare rule puts patient readmissions on a work list by service line every day. We’re able to intervene quickly and help reduce the number of patients who return to the hospital unnecessarily. We’re pleased to be able to get a better handle on where we stand with readmissions and referrals for population management outside the patient setting.


    Linette Owen, RN, MS
    Outcomes Coordinator
    Northeast Georgia Medical Center
    Gainesville, Georgia
  • The Continuum of Care solution allows me to manage a large number of patients, who are all at different stages of care. Until we began using the system, we didn’t have an efficient way of identifying and tracking at-risk patients. The system alerts me immediately by adding patients to my work list when they’re seen in the emergency room, as well as when they’re admitted and discharged. No one slips through the cracks and I can provide prompt follow-up.

    Kelly O’Neil, MSN, RN, ACM
    Transition Care Coordinator, Case Management
    South Shore Hospital
    South Weymouth, Massachusetts
  • We use MorCare Care Management to support our new case management model, including 24/7 coverage, from pre-admission through post-discharge reviews. One of the best features of the system is that we can use it to accurately track and manage our Medicare (Recovery Audit Contractor) and Medicaid audits and denials. We have better audit reports now, so we’re billing appropriately based on the approved level of care.

    Greg Borden, RN, BS/EB
    Senior Systems Analyst
    Sarasota Memorial Hospital
    Sarasota, Florida
  • We’re using MorCare’s inpatient case management and discharge planning solutions to support our new centralized resource management center. We’ve also built two-way integration with our Epic system and will begin using the continuum of care solution soon. We’re impressed with MorCare Care Management and the benefits we are realizing from using the system.

    Sarah Clark, RN-BC, BSN, MHA/INF, CCM
    Manager, Care Coordination
    Sentara Healthcare
    Norfolk, Virginia