Collaborate to ensure safe transitions and value across the continuum

MorCare automates care and population health management workflows across the continuum, including pre-admission patient assessments, inpatient stay reviews, discharge planning and networking, care transitions, and community-based care management. Use the system to track interactions with patients and their families, other providers, and payors.

MorCare Care Management

High-performing care management programs improve the quality of care and patient safety, as well as care coordination, communication and decision-making across the continuum.

MorCare provides critical tools for improved

  Case/utilization management
✓  Clinical documentation
  Discharge planning
  Denials, audits and appeals management


We’ve designed the system with you in mind, making it easier for you to achieve measurable clinical, process and financial outcomes with

  • Convenient online access
  • Remote access with an Apple® iPad® and other tablets
  • Timesaving rules that schedule patients for reviews automatically
  • Configurable work lists
  • Standard and ad hoc reporting options
  • Point-and-click data analysis
  • Automatic integration of data from other hospital systems

Care Management

What it includes


Optimize care processes to ensure quality outcomes and patient satisfaction. MorCare supports criteria-based reviews for medical necessity, standardized documentation and detailed communication with payors, physician advisors, post-acute care providers and others. The software helps you avoid unnecessary readmissions by promoting treatment at the appropriate level of care and by helping you track and manage payor communications accurately.

Streamline workflows and save time with
  • Real-time HL7 messages for updates to patient records
  • Customizable rules for automatic identification of observation, admission, readmission and continued-stay reviews
  • Integration of McKesson’s CareEnhance® Review Manager and Milliman® CareWebQI
  • Automated referrals to physician advisors
  • Automated coverage notices
  • Variance tracking, including readmission assessments, and avoidable days and delays

Documentation Review

Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation is critical to supporting your organization’s revenue. The change from ICD9 to ICD10 coding makes it particularly important to ensure practitioner documentation is correct and complete.

The MorCare Documentation Review module uses automated rules to identify patients for documentation reviews. It supports automated queries to care providers who request clarifications to documentation and enables reviewers to escalate cases to internal and external physician advisors. You can resolve issues rapidly before patients are discharged and identify areas for process improvement quickly.

The system also helps you improve your clinical documentation with
  • Integration of concurrent coding, including working DRGs, procedures and diagnoses
  • Report generation for reviewer productivity, physician query response rates and financial savings
  • Case-specific reports for health information management to ensure accurate coding and billing

Discharge Planning

Bundled-payment programs give hospitals an additional incentive to ensure that patients understand what they need to do after leaving the hospital and to ensure they continue to get the recommended care they need. Effective discharge planning assesses and manages patients’ risk, social issues and needs to promote recovery and reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions.

The MorCare Discharge Planning module helps care managers assess patient and family risks, and identify and manage patients’ needs to develop effective discharge plans. Enter discharge planning assessments, document patient and family needs and interventions, refer patients to social workers and other hospital support staff, and schedule follow-up reviews. Hospitals can also track expected and actual discharge dates and dispositions in the system.

The module helps you reduce unnecessary readmissions and ensure safe discharges and smooth care transitions with
  • Instant access to critical information
  • Online documentation, referrals and scheduling with social workers and other hospital support services
  • Discharge planning assessment and referral tools
  • Easy scheduling of follow-up reviews

Denials, Audits and Appeals

In today’s audit- and regulatory-rich environment, quality and medical necessity compliance is more important to revenue than ever. Costly mistakes, such as incorrect level of care assignments, poor coding and incomplete documentation, can result in significant denials.

The MorCare Denials, Audits and Appeals module records the financial effect of audits and denials and the outcomes based on the appeals process, allowing analysis of losses and recoveries by payor. The system helps you manage and defend audits, claims and denied payments efficiently.

Managing denials, audits and appeals is seamless with
  • Online audit tracking from insurers’ initial requests to resolution
  • Online denial tracking from insurers’ initial verbal denials to resolution
  • Medical records tracking of requested and sent documents
  • DRG validation, including initial and revised coding details
  • Automated, organization-specific work lists

Provider Networking

Being able to identify and schedule post-acute care providers that meet specific patient needs helps you prevent gaps in care and improve patient and provider satisfaction. Improving patient care transitions also helps you reduce length of stay and unnecessary readmissions.

The MorCare Provider Networking module streamlines discharge planning for improved outcomes. The module enables discharge planners to communicate electronically with a national network of providers to coordinate follow-up care. Care managers have instant access to providers’ availability, the insurance they accept, the equipment and services they provide, and other care coordination information.

The module includes an extensive library of intelligent forms that post-acute providers require for ongoing medical management. The forms integrate information from the MorCare longitudinal patient database, eliminating duplicate data entry. Care managers can route forms to clinical staff members, who can then review and sign them. The software stores electronic copies of the forms as part of the patient’s file for use in clinical information packets.

Make care about the patient – not the process.
  • Required state and federal forms that users can complete, route and sign electronically
  • Provider report cards, allowing you to analyze accepted referrals and reasons for rejection

Continuum of Care

Managing high-risk patients beyond the acute-care setting reduces unnecessary readmissions and emergency room visits, and improves patient and family satisfaction. Keeping track of patients in the community, however, can be a daunting task without a system to keep everything organized.

The MorCare Continuum of Care module allows hospitals and health systems to manage high-risk patients beyond the acute-care setting for improved outcomes. Users can define programs, functional assessments and quality studies for population management, and track and report associated patient functional status, satisfaction and other outcomes.

The module makes it easy to flag and manage high-risk patients with
  • A rules engine to identify at-risk patients when they’re admitted and discharged
  • Work lists of patients who require care assessments and follow-up activities
  • Integrated scheduling of required follow-up activities and assessments

MorCare Care Communications Networking Website

The MorCare Care Communications Networking Website contains a portal for post-acute care providers, including skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, home-care companies and durable medical equipment providers. These providers use the portal to manage patient referrals, communications and follow-up surveys from hospital care managers.

Intake coordinators review and approve or deny service requests. When they deny requests, they must document the reasons. For approved requests, hospital care managers can send required clinical documentation and forms to the post-acute care providers through the portal. To encourage providers’ online participation, MorCare does not charge providers to access the Post-Acute Care Provider Portal.

Make care about the patient – not the process.
  • Coordinate care with post-acute providers online securely and confidentially
  • Reduce unnecessary readmissions and reimbursement penalties
  • Minimize discharge delays

Survey Management

The MorCare Survey Management module helps healthcare stakeholders comply with transitions of care plans by automating surveys and related activities from pre-admission assessment through post-discharge follow-up. MorCare is the only care management vendor to offer user-defined surveys to ensure compliance with care plans and to track satisfaction and other outcomes.

The system makes it seamless to create and schedule surveys for post-acute care providers online. Hospitals can include response dates and get work-list alerts when respondents complete surveys, as well as when their responses are overdue. Reporting and trend analysis allows hospitals to identify problems quickly and take corrective actions, including targeted process improvements.

Streamline survey management and
  • Eliminate unnecessary follow-up phone calls
  • Ensure smooth patient transitions through the continuum
  • Reduce unnecessary readmissions
  • Improve the quality and safety of patient care

Robust Reporting

MorCare’s software solutions feature point-and-click graphical reporting for data analysts, department managers and other leaders. In addition, the software integrates SAP® Crystal Reports® and SAP BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® for standard and ad hoc reporting.

Enterprise Software Solutions

MorCare’s software solutions share a common longitudinal patient-centric database. They can be purchased as stand-alone departmental systems or combined for an integrated solution.


We offer two installation options for MorCare's software solutions:
remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

A Proven Solution
Industry Leaders Trust

  • We used to get quarterly readmission reports, making it nearly impossible to be proactive. Now, a MorCare rule puts patient readmissions on a work list by service line every day. We’re able to intervene quickly and help reduce the number of patients who return to the hospital unnecessarily. We’re pleased to be able to get a better handle on where we stand with readmissions and referrals for population management outside the inpatient setting. MorCare’s software solutions have been great tools for us.

    Linette Owen
    RN, MS, Outcomes Coordinator
    Northeast Georgia Medical Center
    Gainesville, Georgia
  • We use MorCare Care Management to support our new case management model, including 24/7 coverage, from pre-admission through post-discharge reviews. One of the best features of the system is that we can use it to accurately track and manage our Medicare (Recovery Audit Contractor) and Medicaid audits and denials. We have better audit reports now, so we’re billing appropriately based on the approved level of care.

    Greg Borden
    RN, BS/EB, Senior Systems Analyst
    Sarasota Memorial Hospital
    Sarasota, Florida
  • We’re using MorCare’s inpatient care management and discharge planning solutions to support our new centralized resource management center. We’ve also built two-way integration with our Epic system and will begin using the continuum of care solution soon. We’re impressed with MorCare  and the benefits that we are realizing from using the company’s systems.

    Sarah Clark
    RN-BC, BSN, MHA/INF, CCM, Manager, Care Coordination
    Sentara Healthcare
    Norfolk, Virginia

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