Identify trends and hot-button issues quickly

Decision Support

Decision Support

It’s much easier to target areas for improvement when you have a clear picture of your performance. The MorCare Decision Support system helps data analysts, department managers and other leaders measure and evaluate performance with intuitive, customized reporting.

Point-and-click analysis transforms data into actionable insights. The system highlights trends and hot-button issues, allowing leaders at healthcare organizations to make strategic decisions and necessary changes at the right time. Simple charts and graphs allow complex data to be easily understood and shared.

Get actionable insights with

  • Point-and-click trend analysis with the option to drill down to the patient level of detail
  • Integrated cost, charge and revenue information
  • Integrated statistical analysis
  • User-defined patient populations
  • User-specific views and navigation for analysts, department managers and others

Robust reporting

MorCare’s software solutions feature point-and-click graphical reporting for data analysts, department managers and other leaders. In addition, the software integrates SAP® Crystal Reports® and SAP BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® for standard and ad hoc reporting.

Enterprise software solutions

MorCare’s software solutions share a common longitudinal patient-centric database. They can be purchased as stand-alone departmental systems or combined for an integrated solution. MorCare also integrates with MSOW® enterprise software solutions from Morrisey, A HealthStream® Company. Together, these solutions provide integrated clinical and administrative data that supports effective, efficient operations and reporting.


We offer two installation options for MorCare’s software solutions: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

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