Prevent hospital-acquired infections proactively

Infection Prevention

Effective infection prevention and control programs promote patient safety and high-quality care through comprehensive surveillance, proactive policies that reduce the risk of patients and hospital employees acquiring and transmitting infections, and evidence-based interventions.

MorCare’s Infection Prevention system enables health systems and hospitals to monitor and improve infection control, identify risks and establish policies that prevent the spread of infections. Organizations can identify and track patient-related infections proactively using MorCare’s real-time surveillance software.

Protect patients and staff while optimizing reimbursement rates and

  • Reduce unnecessary readmissions
  • Identify and track all infections, detect trends that require intervention, and meet reporting requirements
  • Improve patient safety
  • Reduce reimbursement penalties

Infection Prevention

What it includes

The system includes a real-time HL7 interface that is populated with relevant patient data, including demographic and visit details. Also included are HIM coding; medication orders; and transcription details and labs, such as microbiology, which includes results and pathogen profiles. In addition to documenting current infections, health systems and hospitals can set alerts for patients who have histories of drug-resistant organisms.

Microbiology test results are posted into the system via real-time HL7 interfaces. Users can filter the test results online to include only those patients who have positive cultures. Infection prevention specialists review the results online, including pathogen profiles and drug sensitivities. They then link results to detailed infection reviews for classification, tracking and reporting. As new results are posted, users can link them to existing infection reviews.

MorCare’s Infection Prevention system includes a work list where infection prevention specialists classify and track hospital- and community-acquired infections. Users can generate detailed reviews based on microbiology test results. In addition, MorCare’s rules engine automatically identifies and schedules reviews of admitted patients who have had prior infections. The work list also displays patients with infections referred by nurses and other caregivers.

Infection prevention specialists document reviews to classify each infection and provide critical details, including infection site, nursing unit, service, shift, operating room procedures and staff involved. Health systems and hospitals can also record and monitor:

  • Contributing factors
  • Related devices
  • Treatments
  • Isolation histories
  • Mandatory reports users send to state and federal agencies

Users can enter unlimited notes and use pre-defined comment templates to simplify and standardize documentation.

These tools help you
  • Drive preventive infection control
  • Promote faster interventions
  • Generate early alerts for at-risk patients
  • Prioritize potential and confirmed infections
  • Define groups for monitoring

Robust reporting

MorCare’s software solutions feature point-and-click graphical reporting for data analysts, department managers and other leaders. In addition, the software integrates SAP® Crystal Reports® and SAP BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® for standard and ad hoc reporting.

Enterprise software solutions

MorCare’s software solutions share a common longitudinal patient-centric database. They can be purchased as stand-alone departmental systems or combined for an integrated solution. MorCare also integrates with MSOW® enterprise software solutions from Morrisey, A HealthStream® Company.  Together, these solutions provide integrated clinical and administrative data that supports effective, efficient operations and reporting.


We offer two installation options for MorCare’s software solutions: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

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