Reduce adverse events and improve patient safety

MorCare Risk Management

A comprehensive risk management program helps health systems and hospitals avoid situations that could result in injuries and liability, financial loss and regulatory noncompliance. MorCare’s Risk Management system has everything organizations need to identify, assess, monitor and minimize risks proactively.

Organizations can track and monitor all incidents and claims as they occur, including falls, medication errors and safety issues. MorCare’s solution provides the critical framework for managing process improvements that promote patient, visitor and employee safety.

Increase and accelerate incident reporting with convenient, Web-based access throughout an enterprise and

  • Keep pace with reported incidents, enabling interventions while patients are hospitalized
  • Automate the delivery of reports to nurse and department managers to ensure timely investigations and improved documentation
  • Identify areas for improvement with trend reports by unit and service area
  • Track and report details related to liability claims

Risk Management

What it includes

Web-based Incident Reporting enables nurses and other staff to complete incident reports on the Web, from anywhere within the organization. Health systems and hospitals configure the Risk Management system to refer incident reports to nurse managers and other department leaders for additional documentation.

When staff members enter an incident report, the wizard automatically refers it to the risk manager. Users can configure the software to notify others in the organization and track their input and interventions in a secure environment. The system also provides monthly trend reports by unit and service area, allowing nurse managers to see trends for each of the reported incidents.

MorCare’s system enables health systems and hospitals to record each new incident and document all of the required details related to ongoing risk management investigations. Users can define an unlimited number of incident types, including falls, medication errors, patient complaints, safety issues and surgical events. Incidents can be specific to patients, visitors, staff or others.

Organizations can track incidents in several areas, including the incident category, location, service unit and shift. MorCare’s Risk Management system includes standard reports and reporting views that make it possible to generate ad hoc reports.

The Risk Management work list helps users track all active incident reviews. Web-based incident reports add items directly to the work list, where risk managers validate and then investigate them to gather additional information. The system also offers a rules engine to identify and schedule cases for reviews automatically.

Health systems and hospitals can access current and historical liability claims information in the MorCare Risk Management system. They can document patient and nonpatient claims and track information such as:

  • Claim notification and injury details
  • Insured and uninsured defendants
  • Allegations
  • Monetary demands
  • Indemnity and expense reserves and payments
  • Court proceedings

The system supports a financial claims summary, including running balances related to expense and indemnity reserve amounts, and tracking in logs when hospitals make payments.

These tools help you
  • Document incident reports online
  • Alert managers immediately when incidents are reported
  • Manage adverse incidents proactively
  • Track liability claims through timely and efficient resolution

Robust reporting

MorCare’s software solutions feature point-and-click graphical reporting for data analysts, department managers and other leaders. In addition, the software integrates SAP® Crystal Reports® and SAP BusinessObjects™ Web Intelligence® for standard and ad hoc reporting.

Enterprise software solutions

MorCare’s software solutions share a common longitudinal patient-centric database. They can be purchased as stand-alone departmental systems or combined for an integrated solution. MorCare also integrates with MSOW® enterprise software solutions from Morrisey, A HealthStream® Company. Together, these solutions provide integrated clinical and administrative data that supports effective, efficient operations and reporting.


We offer two installation options for MorCare’s software solutions: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

A Proven Solution
Industry Leaders Trust

  • We use the MorCare Risk Management system to track all types of events, including falls, medication errors and patient complaints. The system is accessible from any workstation and is easy to use. Online incident reports are referred electronically to the appropriate nurse and department managers. The most significant benefits of the system are that it eliminates paperwork, increases incident reporting, and enables staff to intervene immediately while the patient is still in the hospital.

    Kathy Lummert
    Senior Systems Analyst
    Memorial Healthcare System
  • With the automated system, department managers and risk management staff receive incident notifications at the same time. With paper forms, we had notification delays. MorCare’s system records managers’ comments, and we can forward the events to others who need to know. For example, we can send events with resident involvement to the residency directors for teaching and education purposes.

    Karen Hoybrook
    Clinical Risk/Patient Safety Manager
    Hennepin County Medical Center
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

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