Peer Case Review

Evaluate professional, clinical and practice performance to inspire excellence and drive focus on best-value health care.

We help your organization provide efficient and safe quality care. One of the tools we use to work towards creating a preventative and safer environment is the Peer Case Review feature. This allows you to instantly document, schedule and track committee and peer case reviews.

How it works: As quality nurses and staff complete and submit their reviews, the review can be referred to committees and a peer review will be scheduled. The system can generate the meeting agenda and the relevant worksheets needed. You are also able to document and report committee meeting results, including findings and recommended interventions.


  • Ease and simplicity of a streamlined electronic workflow for administrative tasks
  • Track progress in real-time for improved process control and throughput
  • Instantly document attributed practitioners and reasons for reviews with a quick turnaround
  • Quickly access case review information in one organized place
  • Accelerate communication between reviewers and committees for timely decision-making
  • Ensure consistency of case review documentation, increasing practitioners’ confidence in the process and reducing errors

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Dashboards provide actionable information with graphic visuals and reports to help leadership better understand key performance indicators. The dashboards allow you to gain valuable insight and visibility for the entire organization.

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