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WEBINAR: Toni Cesta on Best Practice Roles, Models and Staffing Ratios for Acute Care RN & Social Work Case Managers
October 14, 2020

Industry thought leader, lecturer, author and sought-after consultant, Dr. Toni Cesta to present on:

Best Practice Roles, Models and Staffing Ratios for Acute Care RN & Social Work Case Managers

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
2-3p.m. CST | 3-4pm. EST 
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Throughout this presentation, you’ll get to hear, review and learn more about:

  • Standards of practice;
  • Guiding principles for case management and how they differentiate from roles and functions;
  • Discuss the key roles and functions of the nurse case manager and social worker;
  • Integrating roles of RN case managers and social workers and different key models to follow;
  • Review the daily workflow for each discipline, including the identification of high risk patients for referral to the social worker;
  • Describe the best ways to optimize the unique skill sets of each discipline to achieve effective outcomes;
  • Identify the impact these two groups of professionals can make on a case management department’s outcomes;
  • How to utilize MorCare as a case management solution;
  • And more.

More About Toni Cesta, Ph.D., RN, FAAN:
Toni is highly recognized as one of the primary thought leaders in the field of case management. Dr. Cesta is Partner and Health Care Consultant in Case Management Concepts, LLC, a consulting company which assists institutions in designing, implementing and evaluating acute care and community case management models, new documentation systems, and other strategies for improving care and reducing cost. Dr. Cesta has also authored nine books, and continues to be a frequently sought after speaker, lecturer and consultant in the industry.