BLOG: Holiday Message from MorCare's EVP

I may be stating the obvious, but 2020 – what a rollercoaster. At times, did anyone else feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day, living the same day on repeat? On the other hand, looking back so much has happened. Despite the difficulty of this challenging year, I am amazed by all the positive initiatives, milestones and projects that came to life or were delivered by both our customers and MorCare team.

Many hospitals quickly pivoted within a blink from business-as-usual, to an emergency response in order to prepare, react or better help support the frontline staff caring for COVID19 patients and the operational shifts. Your efforts have all been so honorable in supporting the communities you serve and the greater population. For all your hard work and perseverance, we thank-you!

Traditionally, this time of year there’s an abundance of excitement among MorCare employees as we look forward to gathering at our Chicago headquarters for our annual employee summit. Although we will not be coming together to celebrate the season in-person, we are certainly gathering virtually. And I must say, we have been doing an outstanding job at keeping connected. In fact, our internal lines of communication have never been stronger.

Communication has been an integral theme and focus for us this past year and it will continue to be a key driver both with our team and our clients in 2021. We are eager to continue building our relationship with you by listening, sharing, educating, and interacting on a regular basis. As you’ll see in the newsletter, we’re even putting together more frequent opportunities to come together, like with the launch of our new MorCare Connect sessions.

Recently we have engaged in some great customer conversations. As a result, moving into 2021, we’re continuing to stay focused on investing in innovation as we work through a few new product initiatives potentially slated for later next year. I don’t want to spoil the Product Corner section of our newsletter, but at a glance, in Q1 with our 4.5 release you will see new 3rd party Integration available, new Dashboard reporting options, and increased flexibility and functionality.

It may go without saying, but we are always interested in hearing your feedback to better understand ways we can solve or improve a problem in your work environment. If you have a product gap or workflow challenge, we’d love to hear about it. Don't hesitate to get in touch directly with me, or your account manager. I will also remind you, MorCare is a part of the bigger Harris Healthcare family, so in many cases if your team has a challenge and need, we may already have a product to help, and if not, we may want to build you one.

As we know, 2020 has brought many emotions to the forefront – anxiety, fear, sadness, and hope -- to name a few. Though you may still be in the midst of challenges, our hope is this holiday season affords you a time to reflect on positive times and an opportunity to embrace some of life’s simple joys.

From all of us at MorCare, we are wishing you a renewed sense of hope and optimism, along with peace, joy and health. We’re looking forward to helping better serve our customers in 2021 and we cannot wait to meet the challenge of exceeding your expectations.

Cheers to our continued partnership in the years ahead.


Brian Pate
Executive Vice President