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About Us

We enable healthcare organizations to optimize outcomes by empowering collaboration.

Who We Are

MorCare streamlines healthcare processes and empowers collaboration to optimize outcomes. At MorCare, we partner with healthcare organizations to drive significant improvements in population health management. As a trusted enterprise software solution provider, we help healthcare organizations manage the transition to value-based care while improving patient outcomes, satisfaction and safety.

MorCare is dedicated to health care and committed to helping our partners achieve excellence in Care Management, Disease Management, Quality Management, Patient Safety and Risk Management and utilizing actionable data for data-driven support with our acclaimed MorCare Dashboards.

Our Mission is to collaborate with healthcare partners to provide healthcare management solutions that deliver actionable information and improve patient outcomes across the continuum leading to improved financial performance.

Why Choose MorCare?


Our healthcare management solutions are easy to use and intuitively designed. This is because our products have been developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Continuously, we’re working in partnership with our customers to enhance and evolve our solutions further with new releases and updates. We pride ourselves on being a budget-friendly solution that delivers big results.


We know one size doesn’t fit all. We work with organizations of varying sizes and needs to tailor our solutions for best outcomes. We’re scalable to any organization’s size with flexible and configurable products and installation options for all sizes of facilities, from large health systems and hospitals to small rural health facilities or critical access hospitals.


We understand where you’re coming from and the challenges you face. Just like you, our team has worked in large health systems and hospitals holding roles as nurses, case managers, directors, IT analysts, project managers and more. Our priority continues to be about making a difference in the world of healthcare.


We’re best known for helping our clients and partners cut costs, save money, gain insights and improve processes and outcomes; all while delivering a significant ROI that justifies the purchase of any MorCare solution. We also help manage readmissions and reduce penalties, facilitate population health management and enable automated workflows and processes, resulting in improved productivity.

MorCare LLC is based out of Chicago and Niagara Falls. We operate as an independent business unit under Harris Healthcare Group. We’re proudly a part of Harris Computer Systems, a leading provider of healthcare software solutions in North America and across the globe. You can learn more at

Providing extraordinary products for 30+ years. Prior to being acquired by Harris in September 2017, MorCare was formed in January 2016 as part of a reorganization of Morrisey Associates, Inc. (now a HealthStream Company). Since 2004, our company has provided care, quality, risk and performance management solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our Approach | Our Core Values

In every endeavor we take and pursue, we are guided by and conduct ourselves according to ten fundamental core values.

Technology changes quickly and constantly… but it takes a lifelong commitment in order to maintain integrity. These values are ingrained in how we operate and how we communicate. At MorCare, our culture is built upon listening and collaboration.

We have 5 elements to our Readmission Reduction Program. The use of MorCare is integral to our program and its success. For example, in the first element of our program, Assessment and Discharge Planning; it is all built into MorCare. We use this for our high-risk screening. Every patient that scores over a 6 receives a comprehensive assessment. If you use MorCare to identify patients early in their stay, developing a comprehensive evaluation will help you with your discharge planning goals.

DeVonne Grizzle, RN, MSN. CCM

Vice President of Case Management

Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

Enter your name and email below to download “Why Consider an Automated Solution for Care Management” and find out what you can do to streamline patient transitions at your facility.

Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

Enter your name and email below to download “Why Consider an Automated Solution for Care Management” and find out what you can do to streamline patient transitions at your facility.

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