Automate surveys and related activities from pre-admission assessment through post-discharge follow-up.

MorCare is one of the few care management vendors to offer user-defined surveys. This feature helps healthcare stakeholders ensure compliance with care plans and to track satisfaction, along with other outcomes. The reporting and trend analysis tool also allows hospitals to quickly identify problems and take corrective actions, including targeted process improvements.

How it works: Seamlessly create and schedule hospital satisfaction surveys for post-acute care providers online. Hospitals also have the option to include set response return dates and receive work-list alerts when respondents complete surveys, as well as when responses are overdue.


  • Streamline survey management and responses
  • Dive into the data to explore patterns, trends, comments and general satisfaction
  • Ensure smooth patient transitions through the continuum
  • Better understand the patient experience to improve quality and patient safety
Streamline survey management

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