Risk Management Doesn’t Need to Be a Risky Business

More than ever before, risk and patient safety managers, health systems and hospitals are experiencing the challenges of escalated expectations, competing priorities, and heightened complexities -- all paired with minimal resources and the ever-dwindling commodity of time on their hands.

MorCare offers a comprehensive Patient Safety & Risk Management enterprise software solution built with all of the above in mind. We provide a healthcare risk management software that allows organizations to record and track events. Using the patient safety software effectively can help lead to avoiding future situations that may result in injuries and liability, financial loss and regulatory noncompliance.

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The MorCare Patient Safety & Risk Management Advantage


Easy use of our tools and flexible customization options allow you to concurrently identify, assess, and monitor risks. We enable you to analyze trends, set best practices and proactively work towards minimizing future risks.


Track and monitor all events, incidents and claims as they occur, in real-time from anywhere.


Use our critical framework for managing process and improving automated alerts and workflow to promote patient, visitor and employee safety.


Gain insight with real-time reporting and analytics that give your organization visibility through interactive and actionable data at your fingertips.

    • Data-driven decision support
    • Drilldown on problematic trends
    • Forecast trends to reduce risk
    • Review incident types, trends, costs
    • Monitor, track and report results and KPIs
MorCare Graphic Risk Management
    • Automated referrals to nurse and department managers
    • Document patient, visitor or staff events
    • Option for real-time anonymous reporting
    • Ability to customize creation of reports

Data Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards provide actionable information with graphic visuals and reports to help leadership better understand key performance indicators. The dashboards allow you to gain valuable insight and visibility for the entire organization.