Care Management

We provide a comprehensive, data-driven platform that connects the dots to improve patient care, safe transitions, collaboration, provider resource networking, and more.

We’re Putting the "Care" Back Into Care Management

Patients and people are always our priority. When asked: what is the top of mind “must have items” for an effective care management system, and what would that system look like? Our answer is easy; it would be a comprehensive system that doesn’t compromise on quality. It provides the best-in-class performance for improving the quality of care and patient safety and satisfaction, as well as care coordination, communication and decision-making across the continuum of care. Simply put, our provider care management solution does just that.

At MorCare, we recognize that high-performing care management programs drive efficiencies of care, improve the accuracy and safety of care transitions, and promote follow-up with high-risk patients in the outpatient setting.

The best programs have care managers, who work closely with patients and their families, post-acute care providers, and payors to ensure smooth care transitions and adequate support services. We help you achieve better outcomes as we automate population health management workflows across the continuum of care.

Our healthcare management solutions aid pre-admission patient assessments, inpatient stay reviews, discharge planning and networking, care transitions, and community-based care management services. The provider care management solution is easy to use and configure in order to track interactions with patients and their families, other providers, and payors.

The MorCare Care Management Advantage

The Option is Yours

Tailor the solution to meet your unique workflow. Start right away by taking an off-the-shelf solution that has minimal user configuration.

Networking Portal

Easily support communication between hospital-based and post-acute care providers with our secure networking portal and national database.

Population Management

Flag, track, and manage high-risk or chronic disease patients.

Data Analytics Dashboards

Use interactive dashboards with drill-downs to dive into the data. Plus, use additional standard and ad hoc reporting options available to you.


  • Identify high-risk of chronic disease patients
  • Perform assessments
  • Document problems, goals
  • Record actions, interventions
  • Coordinate care with providers


  • Import audit requests
  • Document denial types and reasons
  • Track appeals
  • Record financial outcomes


  • Data-driven decision support
  • Drilldown on specifics with interactive data
  • Identify high-cost variances
  • Review trends
  • Improve processes


  • Complete medical necessity reviews
  • Improve clinical documentation
  • Refer to physician advisors
  • Communicate with payors
  • Track delays and other variances


  • Assess patient risk
  • Identify patient and family needs
  • Coordinate services, placements
  • Generate discharge plans, follow ups and schedule post-discharge reviews
  • Document patient choice to meet regulatory requirements


  • Care coordination management Improve transitions
  • Reduce length of stay and unnecessary readmissions
  • Utilize national post-acute care provider database
  • Complete required state and federal forms
  • Report referral volumes and reasons providers declined referrals
  • Identify and schedule post-acute care providers that meet specific patient needs
  • Send clinical packets
  • Schedule follow up survey

Data Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards provide actionable information with graphic visuals and reports to help leadership better understand key performance indicators. The dashboards allow you to gain valuable insight and visibility for the entire organization.

We have 5 elements to our Readmission Reduction Program. The use of MorCare is integral to our program and its success. For example, in the first element of our program, Assessment and Discharge Planning; it is all built into MorCare. We use this for our high-risk screening. Every patient that scores over a 6 receives a comprehensive assessment. If you use MorCare to identify patients early in their stay, developing a comprehensive evaluation will help you with your discharge planning goals.

DeVonne Grizzle, RN, MSN. CCM

Vice President of Case Management

Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

Enter your name and email below to download “Why Consider an Automated Solution for Care Management” and find out what you can do to streamline patient transitions at your facility.

Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

Enter your name and email below to download “Why Consider an Automated Solution for Care Management” and find out what you can do to streamline patient transitions at your facility.