Prevent gaps in care. Improve patient and provider satisfaction while ensuring safe, reliable transitions of care with coordination and communication.

There are two different facets to our healthcare provider database software. First, we provide extensive search capabilities with our Provider Resource Networking (PRN) Database that helps hospitals identify post-acute facilities and service providers.

Secondly, our Provider Resource Networking Portal enables care managers to securely use this resource as a means to share confidential information and to communicate, coordinate and collaborate with post-acute care providers that meet specific patient needs. Evidently, helping to prevent gaps in care and improving patient and provider satisfaction with safe, effective hand-offs.

How it works: Our system enables case and discharge managers to connect with a national network of providers to coordinate follow-up care. Care managers have instant access to providers’ availability, the insurance they accept, the equipment and services they provide, and other care coordination information.


  • Improving patient care transitions and helping hospitals reduce length of stay and unnecessary readmissions
  • Access to a national post-acute care provider database
  • A secure portal
  • Required state and federal forms that users can complete, route and sign electronically
  • Ability for hospitals to report referral volumes and reasons providers declined referrals
  • Identify and schedule post-acute care providers that meet specific patient needs
  • PRN streamlines discharge planning for improved outcomes
  • Care managers have instant access to providers’ availability so they can schedule post-acute care providers that meet specific patient needs
  • Provider report cards, allowing you to analyze accepted referrals, timeliness of response, and reasons for rejection
  • Extensive search capabilities
Improving patient care

More About PRN

The MorCare Patient Resource Network Portal provides secure communication with post-acute care providers, including skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, home-care companies and durable medical equipment providers. These providers use the portal to manage patient referrals, communications and follow-up surveys from hospital care managers.

Our healthcare provider database includes an extensive library of intelligent forms that post-acute providers require for acceptance or admission. The forms integrate information from the MorCare patient database, to eliminate duplicate data entry. From there, care managers can route forms to clinical staff members, for review and signing. The software documents and stores electronic copies of the forms as part of the patient’s file for use in clinical information packets.

Intake coordinators review and approve or deny service requests. When they deny requests, they must document the reasons. For approved requests, hospital care managers can send required clinical documentation and forms to the post-acute care providers through the portal. To encourage providers’ online participation, MorCare does not charge providers to access the Patient Resource Network Portal.

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