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Launch and learn. When it comes to launching the use of new or modified healthcare applications -- this is a big deal. Our product experts and consultants are eager to help guide you by showing you the ropes.

Your success with our solutions matters to us.

MorCare delivers comprehensive education and training opportunities for team leads that are interactive, engaging and can be recorded for future use. The hands-on approach we use ensures you receive the most value from our enterprise software solutions.

Some of our foundational education opportunities include:

  • Go-live training – Support and software user training for your organization during implementation to ensure your team is well-versed and operating at a beginner level by the launch date
  • Post go-live refresher training – With time, comes learning. One thing we often hear is how easy our products are to navigate – it will just take a little practice and familiarity. This session can be customized to suit your needs.
  • “Train the Trainer” program – Intensive training and review for your organization’s identified ‘MorCare Lead or Educational Specialist’ that provides all the tools to conduct end-user training.
  • Supplemental software training – Knowledge is power. Whether you need one day or a week to sharpen your skills, MorCare will customize a program to meet your needs.
  • Ongoing free webinar series – Explore best practices on hot industry topics and get tips from real administrators and managers who have established successful practices.
  • Dashboards: Data-Driven Decision Support – Examine how to take a deep dive, and the power of using your data for analysis. Learn how to spot trends, identify pain points and utilize all filtering and customization options to the best of your ability.
  • MorCare Crystal Reports – Use these introductory sessions to become better acquainted with using Crystal Reports in MorCare’s solutions. Learn the basics as well as advanced skills.
  • MorCare Application Administrator Training – Learn how to manage MorCare’s solutions for your organization with this course. The software training guide will cover the responsibilities of the application administrator and prepare them to optimize MorCare’s software functionality at your facility.

MorCare Crystal Reports

Popular sessions from the MorCare Crystal Reports training include:

  • Introduction and review of MorCare’s Reporting Views Directory application
  • Learn how to use MorCare’s reporting schemas
  • Creating parameters and filters
  • Strategies on how to create sums, counts, averages and other useful formulas
  • Working with MorCare user-defined fields and the additional data answers
  • Exploring ways to better present data using charts and cross tabs
  • Dedicated time to begin developing reports requested by your organization
  • Publishing MorCare reports to SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

MorCare Application Administrator Training

Popular topics from the application administrator training include:

  • Maintaining security groups and users
  • Managing security at the task, field and code levels
  • Maintaining master code tables and using spreadsheets
  • Managing work lists and saved searches
  • Monitoring HL7 posting and rules
  • Managing defaults and system control options
  • Managing configurables and topics

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