Empowering a culture for patient, staff and visitor safety as a priority.

From anywhere, at any time, Real-Time Incident Reporting enables staff to complete incident reports within the organization. From nurses to custodians -- the ease and accessibility of this tool encourages staff to capture all events in order to better ensure a safe environment for all.

How it works: After easily opening the incident reporting system software from anywhere within the organization, with a few clicks and a push of a button -- staff can submit an identified or anonymous incident report.

With an automated work list, department heads and nurse managers can validate or make input on reported incidents from their work areas prior to risk and patient safety managers reviewing and further investigating the reports. All input and interventions are tracked in a safe and secure environment.  


  • Our proprietary incident reporting ‘wizard’ tool allows users to customize the creation of reports to organizational preferences
  • Easily attach photos or documents within an incident report
  • Ability to anonymously submit an incident report
  • Keyword search and find feature helps risk managers easily locate specific reports
  • Immediate routing to risk managers, nurses and other department leaders
  • Data analytics dashboard offers ability to determine root cause analysis and trend spotting
  • Customized assessments within the reports to help identify root cause
  • Use or incorporate our gold standard incident report in the AHRQ format

Incident Reporting Data Analytics Dashboards

The hospital incident reporting system also provides an interactive dashboard that uses data analytics to drill down and apply the 80/20 rule. This actionable information provides visuals and reports to help leadership better understand trended volumes and contributing factors for reported incidents. The dashboards also allow organizations to gain valuable insight and visibility for the entire organization into key safety issues, thus providing direction for making organizations safer places for patients, families, visitors and staff.

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