Establish programs of care to improve outcomes and decrease costs for your chronic disease populations.

MorCare’s Continuum of Care program is focused on outpatient care. We keep you on task and organized when it comes to tracking and managing patients with chronic diseases, or high-risk patients in the community and beyond the acute-care setting for improved outcomes. In doing so, this helps hospitals, CAHs and health systems to reduce unnecessary readmissions and emergency room visits. A bonus: Inevitably, our system helps your organization improve patient and family satisfaction too.

How it works: As a user, you can define programs, functional assessments and quality studies for population management. You will be able to track and report associated patient functional status, interventions, patient satisfaction and other outcomes.

Our Continuum of Care healthcare system registers patients into programs and schedules them for reviews. Care managers then contact patients and complete functional assessments that automatically build problem profiles and goals. Also, care managers document required interventions and schedule follow-ups to track patients’ progress toward meeting goals.


  • Easily flag and manage high-risk or chronic disease patients
  • Advanced rules engine identifies at-risk patients when they are admitted and discharged
  • Receive work lists of patients who require care assessments and follow-up activities
  • Integrated scheduling of required follow-up activities and assessments
  • Ensure continuity of care with a link to inpatient care management documentation
  • Ability to document problem lists and goals to generate effective care plans

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