Quality Management Solutions

Improve quality outcomes, reduce costs and prepare for bundled-payment programs

Streamlining and improving process leads to enhanced transparency and a better practice for patient safety and satisfaction.

Improving the quality of health care starts with you improving the quality of your organization’s health care services. Our quality management system software can help with that. Our cloud-based SaaS product was designed to help health care organizations better manage patient populations and improve care transitions, reduce unnecessary readmissions, identify opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of care, as well as assess the performance of care processes, physicians and other practitioners.

In today’s healthcare market, payors are rewarding hospitals for improving quality and reducing costs, while penalizing those with costs exceeding a set amount, or for not meeting quality outcomes. Organizations need to evolve and utilize the best tools for the best quality management solutions in healthcare.

The MorCare Care Management Advantage

Reduce Costs And Improve Quality Outcomes

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use quality management health care software promotes care planning and coordination.

Instantly Detect Patient And System-Based Quality Concerns

Automatic scheduling of reviews and identification of required reviews for readmissions, mortalities, surgical cases, complications and more.

Meet Payor Demands

Quickly and efficiently meet the outcomes that payors, regulators and consumers demand.

Data-Driven Decision Support

Gain insight from MorCare’s data analytics dashboard that provides interactive and actionable information at your fingertips.

Quality Data Collection Tool

Document pertinent details that are instantly placed on a work list for review. 

Staff members can easily login and document quality indicators from anywhere within the organization. MorCare’s qualitative data collection tool quickly gathers and routes the quality indicators directly to the quality management work list. This seamless flow of information is entered, and immediately readily available for management to review and follow-up.

  • Easy access and intuitive data-entry tool enables anyone to capture and report quality issues to the quality department

  • Users customize the configuration of hospital data collection for the information required to be reported in relation to quality reviews and focused studies

Work List and Reviews

Document, collect, review, analyze, improve, repeat. Building the system to your preferences has many advantages. For this work list software, you will use your own user-configured rules to identify and schedule quality reviews.

The flexibility of configuration with this solution allows you to effectively manage your quality efforts to your own design. The system enables you to track indicators related to visitors, staff and “other” issues. Some of these quality indicators could include staff compliance with required standards, such as those related to handwashing, operating room checklists, medication management and more.

  • Configurable work list software designed specific to your organization’s needs
  • Enhanced workflow with the ability to refer reviews to others for additional data collection, input or review
  • Useful metrics that drill down on data analytics through interactive dashboards
  • Utilize e-alert notifications for high priority reviews

Peer Case Review

Document pertinent details that are instantly placed on a work list for review. 

Evaluate professional, clinical and practice performance to inspire excellence and drive focus on best-value health care. We help your organization provide efficient and safe quality care. One of the tools we use to work towards creating a preventative and safer environment is the Peer Case Review feature. This allows you to instantly document, schedule and track committee and peer case reviews.

As quality nurses and staff complete and submit their reviews, the review can be referred to committees and a peer review will be scheduled. The system can generate the meeting agenda and the relevant worksheets needed. You are also able to document and report committee meeting results, including findings and recommended interventions.

  • Ease and simplicity of a streamlined electronic workflow for administrative tasks

  • Track progress in real-time for improved process control and throughput
  • Instantly document attributed practitioners and reasons for reviews with a quick turnaround

  • Quickly access case review information in one organized place
  • Accelerate communication between reviewers and committees for timely decision-making

  • Ensure consistency of case review documentation, increasing practitioners’ confidence in the process and reducing errors

Data Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards provide actionable information with graphic visuals and reports to help leadership better understand key performance indicators. The dashboards allow you to gain valuable insight and visibility for the entire organization.

Metrics matter. To help gain further insight, the hospital Quality Management software includes interactive dashboards, standard reports and reporting views that make it possible to generate ad hoc reports. Our advanced dashboards use data analytics to drill down on specifics. This actionable information provides visuals and reports to help leadership better understand trends. The dashboards also allow organizations to gain valuable insight and visibility across and entire department or an entire organization when it comes to key quality or safety issues, thus providing direction for making organizations safer, more compliant places for patients, families, visitors and staff.

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Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

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Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

Enter your name and email below to download “Why Consider an Automated Solution for Care Management” and find out what you can do to streamline patient transitions at your facility.