Access, document, alert, manage and monitor claims and the financial impact with ease.

MorCare’s Patient Safety and Risk Management system features a Liability Claims Management tool for health systems and hospitals to effectively manage current and historical liability claims information from start to finish. An easy-to-use online submission allows users to document claims reports immediately.

The ability for quick notifications and turnaround allows claims to be managed as proactively as possible through a timely and efficient resolution process. The financial impact is also monitored and supported by a financial claims summary, including running balances related to expenses and indemnity reserve amounts, and tracks in logs any payments made by the organization.

How it works: Use this tool as a modern claims management filing system to document patient and non-patient claims along with any pertinent details or information relevant to each claim and case.


  • Highly configurable liability claims work list
  • Easy online review of all incident reports and details
  • Flexible standard and ad hoc reporting options, including loss runs
  • Metrics through interactive dashboards that provide actionable information

The system allows organizations to track information such as:

  • Claim notifications and injury details
  • Insured and uninsured defendants
  • Allegations
  • Monetary demands
  • Indemnity and expense reserves and payments
  • Court proceedings and outcomes
  • Financial impact, running balances, payments due and made

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