MorCare’s Commitment: COVID-19

To our Customers, Partners and Suppliers:

We are closely monitoring the developments related to Coronavirus (COVID 19), through a combination of specific actions as well as implementing our business continuity plans as required. As we all continue to see more impacts on our daily lives due to the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to take a quick moment of your time and assure you that MorCare will continue to operate normally.

In support of our customers, we’d like to remind you of several ways that MorCare products can help during this time:

Provider Resource Networking (PRN): Utilize our nation-wide provider database to facilitate throughput in your facility for “hard to place patients” while delivering seamless hand-offs and closing gaps in care.

Continuum Module: Document all outreach with your high-risk populations such as medication refills, scheduling FaceTime, video or phone appointments, etc.

Web-based Application Assessments: Produce COVID-19 related assessment tools, or a hand-washing questionnaire on your intranet for internal clinical and ancillary staff to utilize as needed. For example, create a self-assessment that upon completion allows you to provide guidance and resources to staff, yet also allows you to receive notifications if questions arise.

Care Management Module for Alerts & Assessments: Create notifications via assessments to flag patients with special needs. Also use to create assessments or questionnaires to capture vital information and combine with triggers to provide auto alerts to internal and external staff.

Administrative Messages: Use this feature to display important updates and messages upon login to communicate with staff on a broad basis.

We are constantly evaluating ways to better support our customers during this crisis. We are here for you and as your needs evolve in response to this current state of operations – let us know how we can help.

If you would like to discuss any of the above options, please send us an email

Our primary focus during this time is the health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

  • We have instructed all employees who can work remotely to do so;
  • We have restricted non-essential travel and postponed all of our large format in-person internal meetings through May 31st;
  • We are requiring all employees who have traveled or travel outside of their home country to self-quarantine at home for a period of two weeks and to not physically attend to any office or customer location;
  • We have formed an executive safety committee to monitor the situation and provide additional recommendations as required;
  • We have provided detailed instructions and additional references to employees on both hygiene and social distancing;
  • We have requested all employees to seek appropriate medical attention as required; and
  • We continue to monitor official communications from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the Public Health Agency of Canada as well as applicable local, provincial and state agencies.

We’re also committed to serving you, our customer.

  • We are currently able to provide our customers with our core solutions and services without significant interruption;
  • We are following our business-continuity and technology plans to ensure we continue to serve our customers’ needs;
  • We have validated that we have sufficient IT infrastructure and equipment to support our employee’s working remotely as well as begun discussions with our external providers on obtaining additional resources should they be required;
  • We have reviewed our policies and procedures requiring us to have the appropriate security measures in place to protect your information and data, including providing instructions to all our employees on how to do so when working remotely;
  • We are working with our third-party vendors where appropriate to coordinate our continuing service to our customers; and
  • We are working in partnership with our customers to perform remotely or reschedule services as required and/or determine the appropriateness of being on-site.
  • We understand that these are challenging times and continue to be very fluid. We will continue to keep you informed if there are any material changes to the above information.


Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

Enter your name and email below to download “Why Consider an Automated Solution for Care Management” and find out what you can do to streamline patient transitions at your facility.

Want to make patient transitions easier? Read this!

Enter your name and email below to download “Why Consider an Automated Solution for Care Management” and find out what you can do to streamline patient transitions at your facility.